Bar Association of Norfolk County Programs for 2016/2017
Lawyer For A Day
The Lawyer for the Day Program is being held in the Norfolk County Probate & Family Court, Dedham. An attorney volunteers and delivers services on their scheduled day, and assists the public who arrive in court that day on any matter that may be heard in the Probate and Family Court.
Legal Inmate Assistance Program
Each week an attorney is scheduled to meet with inmates at the Norfolk County Correctional Facility for approximately four to five hours to discuss any problems or issues they may have. The pro bono panel of attorneys provides legal assistance to the inmates. If you are interested in participating, please call our office for further information.
Bar Association of Norfolk County Seminars
The Bar Association of Norfolk County sponsors free legal seminars on a continuous basis addressing all areas of the law. Some of the topics are bankruptcy, divorce proceedings, automobile insurance, criminal & registry matters to name a few. The seminars are held in courthouses in Norfolk County.
Referral Service Panel
As a member of the Bar Association of Norfolk County you may also join the Referral Service. Dues for the Referral Service are $100.00 after the initial Bar Association membership dues of $95.00 per calendar year. Last year over 1000 telephone calls were made to the Referral Service requesting attorney services. Once a telephone call is received a referral by our office is made to a member of the Referral Service Panel in the area of law requested by the caller. These calls are made on a geographical and rotational basis. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Referral Service, watch for our notices which will be mailed out in early September, 2014. Information regarding our Referral Service Panel will be included along with your Membership Notice. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.
Conference Room
The Bar Association of Norfolk County will offer the use of their Conference Room to be utilized by any attorney member by telephoning our office and scheduling a time and date.
Mentor Program
A mentor panel includes attorneys willing to act as Mentors to new attorneys beginning their law practice but is open to other attorneys seeking further legal assistance.
Law Day
The observance of Law Day which is held annually at Superior Court, Dedham, Mass. is usually held on the first day of May. Through our Law Day Program we strive to expand people’s awareness of our heritage of liberty under the law and help them appreciate how we strive to assure equal justice for all. The Law Day theme allows us to examine equality of justice through the perspectives of both the legal profession and the public it serves. It includes effort by the bench and the bar to promote equality of justice, and so encourages the participation of both lawyers and judiciary. Speakers and awards are presented at the ceremony. All are invited to attend the ceremony as well as the reception which follows the Law Day ceremony.
Meetings of the Bar Association
Each year the Bar Association holds three council meetings and three general meetings.

Our Officers for 2018/2019

Attorney E. Pamela Salpoglou, President
Attorney James M. O'Sullivan, President-Elect
Attorney Margaret R. S. Krippendorf, Vice President
Attorney Joanne DiPietro, Secretary
Attorney Carolyn L. Hely, Treasurer
Adrienne C. Clarke, Executive Director

The Bar Association of Norfolk County delivers services to clients on an individual non-discriminatory manner without regard to the client's race, sex, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, or national origin. The Bar Association continues to serve a racially diverse low income population.

For further information regarding membership in the Bar Association of Norfolk County please call Adrienne Clarke, Executive Director at 617-471-9693. (
Norfolk Law Library
The Norfolk Law Library, located at 649 High Street, Dedham, MA, along with the other sixteen Trial Court Law Libraries, offers free 24/7 access to the Hein Online and Retrievelaw databases from your home or office computer. Retrievelaw has Massachusetts and Federal law, cases, court rules and regulations.  Hein Online contains thousands of full text law journal articles. All you have to do is stop by one of the libraries and get a library card, which is also good for borrowing material from any Trial Court Law Library.  The system wide library catalog and over 150 topical webpages with many useful links are available on the website. You can also ask eReference questions or chat live with library staff online.  Consult the website for a description of all services and location information. Website:   Of course, you can always call the library to speak directly to the Norfolk staff at 781-329-1401.
Conciliation Program of the Bar Association of Norfolk County
As of July 1, 2013 the Bar Association of Norfolk County has implemented a Conciliation Program in accordance with Supreme Judicial Court Rule 1:18 (Uniform Rules on Dispute Resolution), which will provide court-connected dispute resolution services to the Probate and Family Court in Norfolk Division. Free trainings are scheduled on a periodic basis for interested attorneys to become certified to participate in the Conciliation Program. Attorneys interested in this pro bono program and seeking certification may telephone Adrienne Clarke at 617-471-9693 for further information.
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